Our Mission

The "Heavenly Hockey League," works in the hockey world 
to help athletes and coaches to build their lives on God's ground, 
reaching victory not only on the ice but also outside it. 
Thanks to the work at all levels, from children's hockey, 
youth teams and professional athletes. 

"Heavenly Hockey League" reaches athletes and coaches 
to give them a call in professionally, spiritual 
and physical development, helping to move forward. 

Our Specialty

About Us

NHL SU is a faith-based, evangelical organization with the aim to Ignite the Hockey World for Jesus Christ—One Coach and One Player at a time. Having launched in 2008, NHL SU is reaching thousands of coaches and players around the country each year.

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Quick Shots

“That support becomes really huge when you are out on the road and often in groups where there may not be any other committed believers.”

Karl StolleryNew Jersey Devils Player

“I have learned during my years in the NHL to put others first, and to put team success before individual success.”

David BackesBoston Bruins Player

“Honestly, hockey had been my idol. Then suddenly I had no team, no job, and nothing at all. I had no idea what I was going to do.”

Gigi MarvinUS Women’s Olympic Hockey Player

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